Sarah Creighton and Lih-Mei Liao

Sarah CreightonLih-Mei Liao


Sarah and Lih-Mei pioneered inter-disciplinary care for women born with genital anomalies in the UK, at the now internationally renowned centre at University College Hospital in London. Sarah Creighton is a consultant gynaecologist and Lih-Mei Liao is a consultant clinical psychologist. They have a track record of scientific research in the surgical, gynaecological, psychological and sexual aspects of surgery for atypical genitalia.

They have generously disseminated their expertise to willing audiences. Ironically, as their specialist expertise became more broadly known, an increasing number of women are being referred to their service to have parts of their typical genitalia removed for appearance' sake. They first voiced their observations in an article in the British Medical Journal in 2007, which inspired a series of projects worldwide including Centrefold. The article was followed by a review of the medical literature on labiaplasty published in the British Journal of Gynaecology in 2010. Surgery in this context is psychology by proxy. Their key concerns are that surgery is irreversible; that surgeons in the private sector are not compelled to audit and report adverse events, and that there is no commitment to demonstrate long-term clinical effectiveness along anatomical, psychological and sexual parameters.

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