Meet the Team

Ellie Land

Ellie Land - Artist/Director

Ellie is an award-winning filmmaker who uses animation and moving images to explore Issues such as femininity, gender politics, education and identity. She gained an MA in Animation from The Royal College of Art in 2007. Her films have attracted a number of awards, commendations and special mentions from a variety of prestigious International film festivals, including: Ellie's films are represented ... read more

Siobhan Fenton

Siobhan Fenton - Producer

Siobhan is a freelance producer based in the North East of England. Since 2001 she has produced six animated shorts including 'The Big Push' a Virgin Media Award finalist in 2008. Her 10 minute 3D computer animated short 'Emily and the Baba Yaga' was screened at several festivals around the world and won the RTS Best Drama award ... read more

Sarah CreightonLih-Mei Liao


Sarah and Lih-Mei pioneered inter-disciplinary care for women born with genital anomalies in the UK, at the now internationally renowned centre at University College Hospital in London. Sarah Creighton is a consultant gynaecologist and Lih-Mei Liao is a consultant clinical psychologist. They have a track record of scientific research in the surgical, gynaecological, psychological ... read more

Paulina Brink


Paulina graduated from the University of Teesside [UK] in 2007 with a First in Digital Character Animation. During the past few years she has animated two short films: The Big Push (which was recently nominated for a Virgin Media Shorts award) and Bus Stop Boogaloo (that has so far been screened at Encounters Short Film Festival and Northern Lights. She has also done a lot of Freelance work ... read more

Bridget Deane


Bridget Deane is a writer who works in both comedy and drama and has worked across TV, film and theatre. Before becoming a writer, Bridget worked for ten years as a Bafta winning producer/director on network documentaries, both in the UK & USA.

Bridget is currently developing a TV comedy project with Pett Productions ... read more