Welcome to an award-winning documentary project exploring the increasing trend in women undergoing labia surgery to neaten the appearance of their genitals. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, directed by filmmaker Ellie Land and partnered with leading clinicians from University College London Hospitals, this project features two documentary films.

Centrefold is an animated documentary film presenting the personal accounts of three women who have had a labiaplasty. A second film What the Experts Say provides commentary from Creighton (Gynaecologist) and Liao (Psychologist) expanding on the information in the animated film from a medical and psychological viewpoint.

Since its launch in July 2012 Centrefold has played an important part in the UK discussion about the ethics of plastic surgery and been used to kickstart debate on degree courses in the UK, USA and Australia. The animated film was invited by the Austrian Government to be part of their conference on Women's Bodies and Politics in Nov 2012 and won Best Animation at Scinema, Festival of Science Film Australia in July 2012, touring over 400 venues as part of Australia’s National Science week. 

Centrefold was featured heavily in the press throughout July 2012 including The Independent, Huffington Post, BBC online and Radio 4's Women's Hour. It has been selected for competition in 12 international film festivals including Dok Fest Leipzig, Tricky Woman and London Short Film Festival, and been presented at 11 conferences including CORST 
Race and Culture in Sex and Relationship Therapy 
Conference at 
the University of Warwick.

We hope you enjoy both films and join the debate. If you require further information or want to tell us about your work in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@thecentrefoldproject.org